Sunday, March 20, 2011

BadLands pack continued..

      I had my Badlands Ox backpack for the first time this last year and noticed a couple of minor changes I think would make the backpack a more hunter friendly pack. For example, I really like the pack itself but would like to see a minor change in the pack bladder system. I used the frame to haul out my elk this year and separated the pack from the frame to do so; however, when I did the bladder was left with the pack. There is no place to put your bladder for water while hauling out your meat. Now, this to me could pose a problem if a hunter is 3-5 miles in and hauling out his or her trophy.

The only other thing I would change on the pack is what I call "the Butt Bucket" that holds the butt of your rifle or lower limb of your bow. For the rifle it works fine, but the parallel limb bows do not quite fit in the removable pocket. Luckily my wife is handy with a sewing machine, so she cut an upside down "T" in it and is going to put a snap or strap at the top to secure the limbs from falling out.

So, my hope is that someone from Badlands sees this post and possibly looks into a few minor changes: 1) attach the bladder to the frame so its always with you and 2) builds a butt bucket that accommodates parallel limb bows.

Otherwise I love My Badlands OX!!!!!


  1. Those are some good observations. That's pretty cool that your wife helped adapt the "butt bucket". Looks like she did a good job. You should put a link to this post on the badlands facebook page. Maybe they'll take these things into consideration.

  2. That is a great idea. Though the design of the cradle is a bit different, I will have to look into doing something similar on my 2800.