Friday, November 30, 2012

Kryptek Hunting Apparel

Last summer was a long summer with extra shifts I picked up because of the lack of firefighters hired at that time. I decided that with the money saved from working extra shifts this last summer I wanted some of the NEW gear that I had seen on the web. It's called Kryptek! 

Kryptek was founded by two Military combat vets! If you visit the Kryptek site you can read more about Josh Cleghom and Butch Whiting. I had the pleasure of talking to Josh several times while in the process of buying my new camo and man what a great person he is. I don't mind saying that I like the idea of supporting a company started by two vets. As a veteran of Desert Storm, I am very proud to be the fifth generation of combat vets in my family. I am also as proud to be a part of the brotherhood of Firefighters and believe deeply that I was put on this earth by God to serve in the capacity I have. 

So I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the Service Men, Woman, Police officer, Firefighter and Emergency Medical Personal for the work they do in our communities and world wide. 

So on to the task at hand: My review of the Krytek hunting apparel. I bought everything I could afford... hat, pants, jacket, vest, etc., all in the Highlander pattern.

First impression: Mail was delivered at the front door and the box was rather heavy. I excitedly tore open the box to find my excitement was not over reaction. The camo I ordered felt as good as it looked!

The Cadog Soft Shell is a medium-weight, fleece lined jacket with numerous pockets and the corresponding pants have knee pads built right into them! The Sherpa shirt is a base Layer with a light weight fleece lining, which features a 3/4 zip neck. The vest is made from the same material as the pants and jacket and has elastic rubber style chest pockets built into it. I also bought the Alaios pants for antelope hunting.  And finally, to complete the system I bought the Face mask or hood and the hat to match it all. 

I'll start by saying the material performed really well in the woods.  It is a quiet material which is ideal for a bowhunter trying to remain completely silent.  I honestly was a bit skeptical because of the slight sheen of the materiel, but as you will see in the below picture, I shot my elk at only 12 yards!

My 2012 Bull died @ 25 yards
The places that I hunted elk this year provided a nice easy hike in and out, so no real hard hiking, but if you are going to hike in several miles (like we did last year) you probably don't want to wear the fleece lined pants into your hunting area cause you will be really hot. 

The pants I found to be great because they don't get in the way and make you feel like you just put on a Michelin man costume. Starting down low, Velcro straps are put in place around the ankles to keep pant legs down.  In addition, a rubber strap is sewn on the inside to keep them from ridding up. (Thanks for the fore thought on that one guys!)  One piece of advice... Don't forget to adjust the Velcro prior to hunting because it may cause you grief if it has to be pulled apart on a stalk to adjust it.  

Bravo on adding zippers on all the pockets!  There are two pockets on the outside of calves, which I use to put my licenses and wallet in, then two additional pockets on the outside of thighs. I have seen some pants where the pockets are located on top of the thighs, which to me is uncomfortable (like MOP suits - Military will understand that one!).  Of course, the normal style front and rear pockets are included.  

Some additional features on the pants I like... knee pads and Velcro at the waist.  There are built in knee pockets and a strap to keep the knee pads in place, which works great!  The knee pads come in a thin light weight pad or a thicker heavier weight pad. The waist band also has non-slip rubber around the inside, and Velcro so you can go with or without a belt.

The Jacket is just as well built and as thought through as the pants. Being built by two Vets, you can see some of the ideas for the gear came from flight suits and military BDU's (battle dress uniform), e.g, the ankle pockets on the pants and bicep pockets on the jackets. The bicep pocket is another nice pocket to have for little extras.  In addition to the bicep pocket, two chest pockets and an inside pocket are included. So there are lots of pockets!  

I still like to show my patriotism, and since there are Velcro shoulder patches I can easily attach my American flag patch. I also like the high collar on the jacket with zipper fold at top to keep my beard from being caught in the zipper! Otherwise... Ouch!!

The Sherpa shirt was a welcome addition on the cool mornings with and after taking off the jacket to place the vest over the shirt it was the perfect combination for late morning and early evenings. 

i also mentioned that I had bought the Alaios Pants for Antelope hunting. The Alaios pants heave all the same great attributes the cadog pants have and are nice and light weight for the hot summer days. the only one down fall I found with these pants is that they faded severely after only a handful of washes. 

Let me break it down for you...

  • Cost:  A little expensive, but all good camouflage is now days. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and buy a good set!
  • Build:  I have had a couple of stitches pop in the crotch area, but haven't talked with Kryptek yet to try and have them fixed.  Other than that, it is a well built camo line.
  • Design:  Well designed with numerous pockets, Velcro and non-slip rubber.
  • Comfort and Usability:  I give it a solid B+ maybe an A-  (as we all know - there is always room to improve)   
For the price paid, I feel I received a GREAT set of hunting apparel and would definitely buy it again.

I hope you liked my Kryptek review.  Please share with me your thoughts and opinions on this camo line.  I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Oh my! These hunting gears are absolutely adorable! My dad will surely love this. Our family has been so involved with hunting and archery for almost 2 years now. It's perfect family bonding, too!